Hair loss sufferers spend fortunes on expensive treatments that do not work, both non-surgical and surgical.

We believe that our product Placenta Plus is cost effective and that it genuinely works. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee results, as we do not have any control over genetic factors, illness or medication that could cause hair loss. There is also no product or treatment available that will revive dead hair follicles.

Placenta Plus has been an exclusive hair salon product since 2002. It has been developed for the treatment of scalp and hair disorders, resulting in better blood circulation and the re-growth of hair. It can also be used on healthy hair for faster growth. Our product is well known in the hairdressing trade, and we are supplying more than 350 pharmacies, salons, health shops and even pet shops with Placenta Plus.
Placenta Plus:
My name is Nicolene, for an unknown reason my hair started falling out in great big bushes. After numerous tests I was diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency. With the medication, my doctor told me that it will stop my hair loss, but the hair I lost will not grow back! I had the feeling that people stared at by bald patches instead of looking in my eyes when they talked to me.

Hopeless and ashamed I started dying my blond hair darker in the hope that it will hide the patches – it did not work either. My only option was to buy a wig; no woman can walk around bald at the age of 30! I worked as a receptionist at auditors and was on very good terms with all our clients, when Rika and Walter from Gutpel Distributors came in for an appointment one day, and knowing they were dealing with hair products I asked for advice.

They told me about Placenta Plus and how many satisfied clients they had. Since my doctors bills and all the medication were running into thousands of Rands I thought.

I had nothing to lose by trying yet another product. I was asked to take before and after photos. Here they are:

Placenta Plus:

We have had the most amazing results, including this of the late Mrs. Hettie Breytenbach. She had a chronic immune deficiency, and was treated for infections when she lost over 70% of her hair. In September 2006 her hairdresser suggested our product to her. She started using Placenta Plus in September 2006.. By 10 December, when her grandson got married, she regained her hair and could pose for photos with the rest of the family.

Please see my story below.

I'm very pleased with the results I started seeing after using Placenta plus for only a short time. I had tried a lot of products that claimed to restore hair loss, some of them about 3 times the price of Placenta plus, nothing worked. My hairline area was very damaged with no signs of open pores, I started seeing pores opening and hair growing in less than 2 weeks of using Placenta plus after struggling for months. I highly recommend Placenta plus to everyone, whether you are struggling with hair loss or just want to enhance growth. Finally, a product that really works!

Thank you,
Mrs. Hettie Breytenbach before treatment; September 2006​  After treatment; January 2007