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Bergamot, an essential oil derived from the rind of the fruit of a small citrus tree that grows in the South of Italy is mainly used in perfumery. It is also known to treat skin conditions such as Psoriasis, eczema and Vitiligo (when applied externally on the problem area). There are many different applications for Bergamot essential oil, but in Placenta Plus it stimulates blood circulation and promotes improved conditions of the scalp and hair follicles, resulting in faster, thicker and healthier hair growth. 

Bay-rum is a cosmetic fragrance originally developed in the Virgin Islands from the leaves of the Bay tree. It is manufactured primarily as cologne or after shave lotion for men, but has also been known to control dandruff, promotes hair growth and has antibiotic properties. 

Bay-rum cologne consists of a mixture of rum, spices and Bay oil. Bay oil is derived by distilling the leaves of the Bay tree, Pimenta racemosa, also known as the Bay - Rum tree, which is a tropical shrub native to the West Indies.
We use the same method to solubilize the essential oils etc. in the product, as they do in Grass, France, with perfumes. The success of the product lies in the carefully balanced formulation and the quality of the ingredients, especially the purist extract of Bergemot essential oil, imported from Italy and France. 

Also available: 
Shampoo Plus (with Bergamot) and Conditioner Plus (with Bergamot & Bay-tonic) can be use in conjunction with the Placenta  Plus spray.

Hair loss Myths 
You may have heard that washing your hair too often or wearing caps or hats will cause you to lose hair but these are old wife’s tales.

So what really causes hair loss and what’s myth?

Family History 
It is believed by many men that if their father did not go bald, they also should also not have a problem. But hair growth or loss is determined by your family history on both sides, and if there are many bald men in your family, you also stand a chance of losing your hair.

Vitamins and Steroids
If you were losing hair because of a lack of vitamins or minerals in your diet, why does it only affect the top of your head and not the sides or back? A vitamin deficiency will results in an even hair loss all over the head. But for overall health it is recommended to take vitamins on a regular basis. Steroids on the other hand can cause hair loss. It has been proven that anabolic steroids raise the levels of male hormones therefore contributes to hair loss and can even speed up the process for those genetically disadvantage, and may even be permanent.

Hair Loss and Styling 
There’s some truth and some fiction when it comes to hairstyling and Hair Loss.

Corn-rows, tight ponytails and platting, can cause hair loss. These styles put undue tension on the hair. There is no truth in Hair sprays, perm solutions, or coloring resulting in hair loss. Remember the all-important follicles, are safely located under the skin.

And what about the idea that haircuts will make your hair grow back thicker and faster? That’s wishful thinking. Everyone’s hair growth and length depends on their own unique hair cycle, which is based on both nutrition and heredity.

Blow Dryers, Hot Brushes & Straightening Irons 
These styling devices can only burn and break your hair, they cannot destroy hair follicles. Never use the highest heat setting or the heat to close to the scalp as that can cause dryness and irritation of the scalp.

Sex and Hair Loss
There is no scientific proof that chemicals released during sex improve hair growth.